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About Us


About Us

Skab Arabian Contracting Company

SKAB Arabia Contracting Company is a company in Mecca that was established in 2009 and has implemented and delivered many projects without delay and with high quality.

Our goal:

We hope and believe in our ability to achieve the highest level of quality to be one of the leading companies in the field of contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Services we provide:

We are one of the private organizations in Construction, Architecture, Electrical, Electrical Maintenance, Fire Protection, Networking, CCTV and related services. We specialize in the design, supply, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of these mentioned fields. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are able to design, install and commission the system to meet client requirements.

Head office:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mecca Al-Azizia, Al-Safa Tower – 16th floor – Office 236

Tel: 0125505078

Fax: 0125589588


Capability Statement:

We have the in-house capability to safely and efficiently handle major systems projects. How can SKAB provide flexible, innovative systems customized to combat complex security and process control problems that are also cost-effective? We take our in-depth knowledge of hardware, firmware, and software architecture and apply ancient craftsmanship to cutting-edge technologies.

From initial inquiry to system design, implementation and after-sales care,

SKAB consistently excels in providing effective Turnkey solutions. whether you

The requirements are CCTV, fire alarm, sound system, access control, nurse call, building management system, main antenna TV, IP TV system, home network system or integrated systems approach to security, health and safety monitoring or process control, you can be sure that Skype will work with you to fix the matter absolutely.

Whatever your area of operation, from city center to industrial estate, university to school, hospital to clinic, Blue Chip to High Street Retail, Skabb’s uncompromising approach will provide you with the most reliable and cost-effective answers to your security and safety needs. The world is changing. The nature of crime changes; Safety measures change; Technological changes – Skype is the foundation on which peace of mind is built.

Our philosophy:

While our company culture is still evolving, SKAB is rooted in the following philosophy

  1. Protecting our customers is our business
  2. No mission is impossible.
  3. Honesty/integrity.
  4. Professionalism and efficiency.
  5. Disciplined and motivated workforce.
  6. Continuous self-criticism for the sake of innovation.
  7. Friendship and relationship building.

Our guiding principles:

  1. To partner with our customers to continually exceed their expectations.
  2. Treating our employees with respect and fairness in a high-performance environment that promotes openness, trust, creativity and partnership.
  3. Contribute positively to our environment by promoting interactions that promote community development.

Experience, Manpower and Team:

SKAB strives for the highest possible level of customer service; We use a network of service engineers, technical experts and facilitators who have been trained and certified by our managers in the Kingdom in our range of products and services in purchasing, supply, consultancy, design, installation, maintenance and service. Our main strengths lie in our technical expertise, product knowledge and service delivery acquired over many years from our managers who form the basis of achievement and also listen to the needs of our customers by selecting products that are tested under the audit of independent laboratories.

Most “Experienced and Certified” Engineers The unique combination of experience is an advantage in ensuring the success of integrated solutions

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