Skab Arabian

Service Details


A. Plumbing
1. All Fixture Units for Plumbing System.
2. Water Supply Pipe Network for Building.
3. Water Supply Pump and its Control Panel.
4. Drainage Systems Network for Building.
5. Rain Drainage System for Building.
6. Submersible Pump and its Control Panel for the Drainage Systems.

B. Fire Fighting

1. Fire Pump (main-jokey-diesel) and its control panels.

2. Fire Fighting Network According to NFPA.

3. Fire House Cabinets.

C. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air-Condition)

1. Air Ducts HVAC and Exhaust Air.

2. (FCU-AHU-Packaged) Units.

3. Child Water Pump and its Accessories.